The Ocean Foundation

Many of us in the ocean conservation community have said the ocean is rising and so are we.

Mark J. Spalding – President, The Ocean Foundation

Why I Support Them

The Ocean Foundation truly brings together a global community. They consistently evaluate the issues facing our ocean and seek possible solutions. They are currently doing great work to tackle so many of these issues from ocean acidification to plastic pollution to sustainable aquaculture.

The Ocean Foundation doesn’t just address the problem as it stands today, but they seek long-term solutions to ensure a healthier ocean far into the future.

How They Help the Ocean

The Ocean Foundation applies their breadth and depth of knowledge about the global ocean conservation community to vet projects and reduce risk to donors. The Ocean Foundation has supported a diverse portfolio of projects that includes work on marine mammals, sharks, sea turtles and seagrass, as well as launched headline programs such as the International Ocean Acidification Initiative and the Blue Carbon Calculator.

The Ocean Foundation looks at the economic impact of debris on beaches and the ways communities can restore abundance to the fisheries on which they depend. They continue to seek out opportunities to make every dollar for ocean conservation stretch a little further.

Why Their Work is Important

The goal of The Ocean Foundation is to achieve a level of global awareness that ensures we stop taking so much of the good stuff out and stop dumping bad stuff in recognition of the life-giving role of our global ocean.

The Ocean Foundation works hard to be internationalist in their approach because solutions have to be as global as our shared ocean.

The Ocean Foundation helps others gain agency over their futures and environmental solutions rather than just going in, doing a project, and leaving. They strive to build science and policy capacity in Africa, the Pacific Islands, the Wider Caribbean Region and around the world. They also include the transfer of technology such as donations of field and lab kits for measuring and monitoring ocean chemistry change by local scientists in their home waters.