The Manta Trust

It’s not difficult to fall in love with manta rays when you come face to face with them, yet sadly we find ourselves fighting for their survival. I couldn’t ask to be part of a more passionate team working towards our conservation objectives.

Simon Hilbourne – Digital Media & Communication Manager, The Manta Trust

Why I Support Them

Years ago I first learned of The Manta Trust through their “ID the Manta” initiative. They collect photos of mantas from divers and snorkelers and have created a database including over 100,000 photos of mantas from over 70 countries! Using these pictures they have been able to identify over 10,000 individual mantas and track their range; helping to determine how and where best to protect them. This is a great way to involve many more people in research and conservation!

However, after learning more about The Manta Trust, I came to understand and respect how much they do for these majestic marine animals; it goes well beyond an identification database. They have published books to educate all of us about the importance of mobulids and have also targeted education for tourists and governments to change how both individuals and nations interact with them. They have built successful collaborations around the world to allow several conservation organizations to work toward the same goal of protecting mobulids and the ocean in which they live. The global focus of The Manta Trust truly has a positive affect on these animals and hence, our entire ocean. Thank you!

How They Help the Ocean

Formed in 2011, the Manta Trust is a UK registered charity that co-ordinates global mobulid research and conservation efforts. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of researchers, scientists, conservationists, educators and media experts; working together to share and promote knowledge and expertise. Our mission is to conserve mobulid rays, their relatives, and their habitats, through a combination of research, education and collaboration.

Why Their Work is Important

Since its inception, the Manta Trust’s global network has positioned itself as the leading authority on mobulid rays – and we have a solid track record of achievements to illustrate our impact:

  • Our Maldivian Manta Ray Project played a key role in gaining protection for manta rays in the Republic of Maldives.
  • We contributed critical data and expertise for the re-assessment to “Vulnerable” status of both species of manta on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in 2011.
  • Submitted ‘Concerted Actions’ proposal to CMS to address community transitions away from mobulid fisheries.