The International SeaKeepers Society

We are very fortunate to have been supported by SeaKeepers. We have had numerous research expeditions that would not have been possible without the DISCOVERY Yacht Program. SeaKeepers helps overcome the challenge of finding vessels to support data collection. We are grateful to the SeaKeepers team and the participating yacht owners and staff of the DISCOVERY Yacht Program.

Dr. Neil Hammerschlaq – Lead Scientist, University of Miami

Why I Support Them

A big problem facing researchers and educators is funding; they work hard to stretch the dollars they have as much as possible by minimizing the spending on logistics. The International SeaKeepers Society does an amazing job of eliminating those costs so scientists can maximize the dollars directed to research and conservation.

In addition to other outreach initiatives, SeaKeepers links scientists, educators and conservationists with private yacht owners who offer their boats for use by the marine research and conservation communities. What an amazing way to bring resources directly to where they are needed and to involve more people in ocean protection reminding us that we all have a role to play!

How They Help the Ocean

The International SeaKeepers Society promotes oceanographic research, conservation, and education through direct involvement with the yachting community. SeaKeepers enables the yachting community to take full advantage of their unique potential to advance marine sciences and raise awareness about global ocean issues.

Our mission is accomplished through our DISCOVERY Yacht Program comprised of Scientist-led Expeditions, Citizen Science, Educational Outreach and Community Engagement. SeaKeepers collaborates with numerous organizations, academic institutions, and government agencies to accomplish our mission.

Building upon established international programming, the efforts in our SeaKeepers Asia chapter are on creating local awareness of the current situation of our oceans in order to build a sense of appreciation and commitment to protect, conserve, and restore the marine ecosystem where possible.

Why Their Work is Important

From hosting learning excursions for underprivileged kids, to facilitating scientific research for genome sequencing, our efforts eliminate vessel costs and permit scientists to allocate those funds to maximize oceanographic research potential. Within the last year, we have directly benefited 1,643 students from research and educational outreach efforts.

”The kids loved the activity, even though it was challenging. I love that it made them think and use math! It did help them gain a better understanding of the food web, and why it’s so important that we take care of our oceans (and other habitats).” – Mrs. Spencer, Grades 4, Murtaugh Elementary

 Since the implementation of our local beach cleanups in June 2019, we have successfully collected 5,514 pounds of trash from our shorelines with the support of 1,485 volunteers. Not only have we engaged our local community, but boat owners around the world. SeaKeepers is proud of an extensive fleet that has provided generous support of through their private vessels. Our new website tool: carries over 60+ vessels that are available to participate in our DISCOVERY Yacht Program.