Save the Whales

Education is the key to saving the whales, the oceans, and ourselves.

Maris Sidenstecker II – Executive Director and Co-Founder, Save the Whales

Why I Support Them

Save the Whales is a beautiful example of one person being inspired and creating change! Forty years later this message carries on as Save the Whales focuses on educating and inspiring children with the hope that they too, will feel empowered to stand up and make a difference. It’s too easy as individuals,  when we are facing so many issues, to feel powerless. A campaign that focuses on individual actions, especially those of children, has benefits that reach far into the future as the children are the heirs to the ocean. Thank you Save the Whales for your inspiration!

How They Help the Ocean

Save the Whales is a California nonprofit organization that began in 1977, by a mother and daughter team. Maris Sidenstecker II designed a t-shirt at the age of 14. The Maris team volunteered their time, on weekends in local art fairs, and sold t-shirts, and gave out information to help the whales. Forty years later, Save the Whales continues to inspire children, the future of the planet, to know that their actions can promote change.

Why Their Work is Important

Save The Whales has saved over 10,000 whales and marine mammals from ocean Ship Shock tests, helped prevent salt mining in a whale nursery, and inspired over 340,000 students to protect the fragile oceans.

Join Save the Whales to protect the ocean and its inhabitants by:

  • Educating 10,000 students per year with hands-on and distance learning marine mammal programs led by degreed science educators
  • Inspiring underserved students to be junior scientists and learn water monitoring science at rivers and the ocean
  • Transitioning off our dependence on plastic, Dee our life-size whale (can go inside and see her organs) educates about the dangers of marine debris.
  • Providing stranding and entanglement resources to help whales locally and globally
  • Conducting schoolyard, beach, and park cleanups which remove deadly trash from entering the sea through storm drains
  • Creating butterfly gardens to protect endangered monarchs and education about alternatives to pesticides in order to protect waterways, people, wildlife and pets from harmful chemicals.
  • Balloon Alert ambassadorship to end balloon releases which kill marine life
  • Marking thousands of storm drains with the message “No Dumping Flows to Bay” with volunteers
  • Making a difference on issues facing whales and the marine environment.