Refill My Bottle

When people come together, magic happens. With RefillMyBottle, we are bringing together business owners that share the same interest in preserving their environment and travelers that share the same value to contribute to the local surroundings. With communities, we can lead change.

Alex Tsuk – Founder, Refill My Bottle

Why I Support Them

Tackling a problem such as plastic pollution can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Refill My Bottle created one solution! They engaged the community of existing businesses to provide water refill stations free or at a low cost. This gives people a way to reuse and stop the purchase of new plastic bottles. So simple and so effective!

Refill My Bottle is now in 37 countries and here’s hoping they continue to grow with this fantastic initiative. What an amazing idea!

How They Help the Ocean

RefillMyBottle is an online map that helps people find all the places where they can refill their bottles for free or a minimum fee. By enabling people to refill their water bottles, we help save single-use plastic water bottles ever being bought or used in the first place so as they are not entering our ocean.

Why Their Work is Important

We are now at one million single-use plastic bottles per minute being produced globally in which only 9 percent is recycled. The other 91 percent are sitting in landfills, floating in the ocean, or even being burned at households that emit toxic fumes.

By refilling, you help save 120 single-use plastic water bottles in a month! That means 1,440 fewer plastic bottles entering our oceans each year. Imagine if 10 percent of the world population refill their reusable water bottles every day – 1.1 trillion fewer!