Rare is decidedly different from other conservation organizations: We are highly focused on one thing — inspiring behavior change so people and nature thrive.

Brett Jenks – President and CEO, Rare

Why I Support Them

I first encountered Rare via a podcast where their Fish Forever program was being discussed. I was immediately impressed. Rare is working to solve global problems on a local level.

Rare works with individuals, communities, and local leaders in coastal areas to combat the effects of overfishing. Using a behavior change model, they involve the community in managing local fish stocks to find a balance between use and conservation with a focus on long-term prosperity for the community.

This approach creates a sense of pride and ownership in the project, for both individuals and the community, which, in turn, ensures success.

Please learn more about Rare and the incredible work they are doing to protect our ocean. One community at a time.

How They Help the Ocean

Rare is the leading behavior change organization in conservation. We specialize in identifying proven locally-led solutions and work with partners and communities worldwide to bring these solutions to a regional and national scale.

Rare’s Fish Forever is a community-led solution to revitalize coastal marine habitats, such as coral reefs, mangroves and seagrasses, protect biodiversity, and secure the livelihoods of fisher households and their communities. By using an innovative approach to address coastal overfishing—by empowering communities through clear rights, strong governance, local leadership, and participatory management—we protect essential fish habitat and regulate fishing activities.

Rare’s work in coastal fisheries communities leads to more abundant marine life and healthier coastal habitats. For the communities we serve, our work helps ensure a more sustainable food supply, improved social equity, and greater resilience to external impacts—especially those related to climate change.

Why Their Work is Important

Rare envisions a world where people inherently care about nature and adjust their daily habits to ensure its sustainability. Where individuals and communities are empowered to live, work, and behave sustainably.  And a world in which each one of us is inspired to make positive change that contributes to the long-term health of people and nature.

We are facing an unprecedented global decline in marine fish populations in coastal waters, driven largely by overfishing and a lack of management. This has fueled a “tragedy of the commons,” where uncontrolled fishing is damaging marine habitat, reducing fish populations, and endangering the future of coastal communities around the globe. The collapse of coastal fisheries is an environmental problem that could lead to a humanitarian crisis.

Rare’s vision is to transform the management of coastal fisheries by pairing a proven local solution, community-based management, with a unique delivery method based on behavioral insights and social marketing principles to engage and mobilize those communities.