Project AWARE Foundation

The next ten years are critical to achieving a transformative change to save our ocean. Nature is in crisis but through increased community-led actions and a strengthened approach to mobilizing the dive community, we’re ready to create change and make a difference locally and globally.

Danna Moore – Global Operations Director, Project AWARE Foundation

Why I Support Them

I have been an avid supporter of the Project AWARE Foundation (aquatic world awareness and responsibility) for years. It’s an organization created by divers, for divers which is how I got involved. Their two main campaigns are shark and ray education and conservation and marine debris removal. Not only do they provide courses and materials for individuals on these topics, they also successfully advocate for international shark and ray protection.

Although Project AWARE was initially directed to divers, their free educational materials about coral reefs, responsible shark and ray tourism, and ocean conservation are fantastic for anyone: divers or non-divers, adults or children. Project AWARE is a great resource for any ocean lover and an organization worthy of your support!

How They Help the Ocean

Project AWARE® is a global movement for ocean protection driven by its vision: a return to a clean and healthy ocean. We connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation. Project AWARE is at the forefront of environmental action through land and underwater cleanups, teaching environmental responsibility and raising awareness of the threats posed to the ocean.

We inspire, inform and provide the tools needed to engage and connect individuals, governments, NGOS, and businesses who share our values and vision. We champion policy change and engage and activate a global volunteer community. We take action to create both local and global change for the ocean and the communities who depend on it.

Vibrant and thriving marine ecosystems are critical to the ocean and the people that depend on them. We support policies that enforce sustainable fishing practices and preserve biodiversity with both fins on and fins off.

Pollution from human activity has seriously damaging effects on marine ecosystems. We support policies to stop ocean pollution at the source and eliminate the impacts in our communities.

Why Their Work is Important

For over 25 years, together with our partners and global community, we responded to the threats our ocean faces and we’ve had some incredible successes.

  • In 1993 Project AWARE began to support volunteers who wanted to remove litter from the land and beneath the waves.
  • Developed the first and only underwater marine debris survey
  • Launched the interactive Dive Against Debris map visualising marine debris surveys conducted across the globe
  • Adopted over 488 dive sites with over 6,000 divers taking action in 70 countries around the world
  • Built a community of over 180,000 adventurers
  • Trained and supported an army of almost fifty thousand citizen scientists to remove underwater trash, save ocean wildlife and report the data
  • Removed and reported over 1,800,000 trash items from underwater environments
  • Closed loopholes in the EU finning ban
  • Rallied over 120,000 divers to bring historic safeguards for sharks and rays
  • Secured international trade controls for 31 of the world’s most vulnerable shark and ray species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
  • Influenced decisions to expand conservation for 34 migratory shark and ray species under the Convention for the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)
  • Launched the world’s first-ever best-practice guide for responsible shark and ray tourism