Mangrove Action Project

We are working with amazing individuals, schools, communities, organisations, academics and governments, not only to conserve existing mangrove forests, but also to restore what has been lost. Through our education and training programs, we teach how to successfully restore degraded or unhealthy mangrove ecosystems and also encourage younger generations and communities to take an active interest in their local mangrove forests.

Dominic Wodehouse, PhD. – Executive Director, Mangrove Action Project

Why I Support Them

Mangroves are an essential ecosystem for a healthy ocean. Unfortunately, the huge role of these vital trees is often misunderstood. The Mangrove Action Project’s approach not only involves restoring healthy mangrove ecosystems around the world, but also educating and empowering local stakeholders and teaching the importance of mangrove ecosystems to the next generation.

I genuinely believe that it is only through fostering an understanding in local communities that real change will happen; and only through creating a passion in the next generation will lasting change be realized!

How They Help the Ocean

MAP’s work is important for the oceans because restoring degraded mangroves or increasing their health removes sediment from river water that would otherwise smother seagrass and coral. Mangroves also remove excess nutrients from river water – essential for seagrass and coral which are both low-nutrient systems. Mangroves’ amazing productivity, and the nursery function they offer marine creatures, increase the inshore fisheries. This boosts the ocean’s food-web and provides food security to local fisherfolk.

Why Their Work is Important

Why is our work important? Our restoration training workshops are essential because sadly most mangrove restoration projects fail or fail to meet their objectives. We build stakeholders’ capacity so they can restore their own mangroves and help others to do so. It’s much more complex than just planting terrestrial trees. Furthermore, our ‘Marvellous Mangroves’ schools education program ensures that the next generations appreciate the value of mangroves and will look after them when they are in a position to do so.