Inland Ocean Coalition

The ocean is a vital resource to all of life – regardless of our physical location. We are all connected to the ocean.

Lance Kittel – Associate Director, Inland Ocean Coalition

Why I Support Them

I loved the mission of the Inland Ocean Coalition from the first time I heard it!

Living far from the nearest ocean (as I did growing up), it’s easy to think that your day to day actions cannot have an impact.  But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Inland Ocean Coalition is working to inspire entire communities of ocean conservationists who otherwise might not realize the role they can play. By educating people on how connected we all are, Inland Ocean Coalition is engaging more and more stewards for our ocean.

Their work extends to government as well. They meet with politicians to let them know that even people living far from the ocean care deeply about its protection.

Thank you spreading the word about the importance of the ocean and the need to take care of it!

How They Help the Ocean

The Inland Ocean Coalition engages inland communities in land-to-sea stewardship through our programs and education trainings. We focus on everything from community engagement to policy advocacy, and represent the inland voice in ocean protection and conservation.

Why Their Work is Important

The work of Inland Ocean Coalition connects inland communities to ocean advocacy and protection. We have led over 50 legislative meetings with inland representatives and senators in 2021 alone. Our Inland Ocean Ambassadors program is close to graduating our 100th ambassador, with more on the way. We serve as a vital connection in our network, and have grown the inland ocean movement since 2011.