The Ocean Walk is a first step. I am starting this journey, for 24 hours in June, my hope is that you continue the journey of ocean education and protection.


The Ocean Walk will begin at noon on 6 June 2021 (GMT +8) and ends at noon on 7 June 2021.

Check your time

The Ocean Walk will be on Gili Air, a small island off the northwest coast of Lombok in Indonesia.

The Ocean Walk is based on time (24 hours) not distance. However, I estimate it between 100-120km around the 5km island. (Between 62-75 miles)

Lately I have felt overwhelmed by the number of issues facing our oceans and the planet as a whole. In order to return to a healthy equilibrium between humanity and nature, so many changes need to take place on so many levels: personal behavior, corporate principles, government policies. Attitudes and priorities must change. For one person it can feel insurmountable.

Walking for 24 hours is a huge task. But the beauty of walking is that each step is small and simple, but in 30 minutes, or an hour, when you look back, you see that you’ve really covered some ground. In a few hours, you realize how far you have come. With one step at a time, we can make a difference.

I am doing this to inspire you to make brave changes that are urgently needed. Then I hope you encourage others to do the same. Step by step, we can make change happen. In a year or a few years, when we all look back, I hope we can celebrate how far we have come!

Like many people in the tourism industry I have had a lot of free time since the pandemic started in 2020. Since I couldn’t work in the ocean, I devoted much of my time to learning more about the issues affecting it. I soon felt compelled to do something.

Big issues call for big gestures. I had to do something remarkable to get attention; walking for 24 hours seemed like one way! The purpose of The Ocean Walk isn’t to raise awareness for one specific cause, but for the ocean as a whole. These 24 hours give me the opportunity to highlight 24 issues that are all harming our ocean. Hopefully, my big gesture coupled with this information will inspire you.

In 2008, the United Nations designated 8 June as World Oceans Day. The ocean covers over 70% of the planet, absorbs 70% of carbon dioxide emissions, produces the majority of the oxygen we breathe, and helps to regulate the climate. The ocean is essential to all life on Earth.

According to the UN, World Oceans Day is “an opportunity to raise global awareness of the benefits derived from the oceans and the current challenges faced by the international community.” The day provides “an opportunity for people to reflect and emphasize the benefits that the oceans can provide and our individual and collective duty to interact with oceans in a sustainable manner.”

I am one person hoping to inspire many more by sharing the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants as well as the threats they are all facing. I hope you take that inspiration to find out what you can do. Contact the organizations I am promoting. Many of them have activities planned for World Oceans Day and rather than detract from these worthy causes I will direct you to them on June 8. 

I am not accepting donations for this project. The best thing you can do to reward and support me is spread the word and take action.

If you are inspired to donate (money or time), you can do so with the many organizations I have highlighted, all of whom are working hard toward a healthier relationship between humans and the ocean.

There are no sponsors for me or The Ocean Walk. This is my passion project, the result of an ocean-based career and a passion for teaching and conservation. All of the organizations I promote are personal choices. All of the documentaries and videos I share are ones that inspire me or teach me more about the issues. While everyone may not agree with my choices, I assure you that they come from my heart 💙 and not from any personal profit or benefit.

The goal of The Ocean Walk is to raise awareness about the vast number of issues facing our ocean today. I hope you will join The Ocean Walk by sharing this awareness with others.

But awareness is not enough in and of itself. We must all take action.  We need to make changes. Locally and globally changes must happen fast. We must make different choices, some of which may not be convenient. In addition to personal changes and actions, we should all support various organizations that are promoting this change. We have to hold corporations accountable. We must also pressure governments to develop and enforce regulation on corporate activities that damage the ocean, as well as invest in marine protection.

We must lend support to the ocean, with our time, our money, our voice and through our actions every day. Each of us needs to be accountable for our environment and the choices we make that affect the planet and the future.