A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with a Single Step

About the Walk

What will happen on 6 June 2021?

At noon local time (GMT+8), I will start walking around Gili Air. 

The path around the island is approximately 5km (3.1miles). Each lap usually takes me about 50 minutes however I’m likely to slow down over the 24 hours! Therefore my walk will likely cover about 100km (62.1 miles). 

I have never worn shoes on Gili Air. So I plan to do the walk barefoot. We will see how my feet feel about that plan after 12+ hours!

The oceanfront path around the island varies: pavement, brick, sand, and sometimes dirt. Luckily, the ocean is never more than a few meters away. Providing beautiful views, sounds, and constant inspiration.

One of the best things about the island is the community. So many people are supporting The Ocean Walk! There will be several spots on my route where I can refill water, grab a snack (to eat on the move), reapply sunscreen, or take a bathroom break. I suspect that many of my fellow-islanders will join me throughout the 24 hours!

I plan to livestream the entire walk. Please join anytime to time to see where I am and how the walk is going. 

To be honest, I have never walked 24 hours in a row. I don’t know what to expect. I am walking as much as possible in preparation. I do know that I will be hot, sweaty, and tired. But I also know I will be incredibly happy to be sharing my passion!

Where will The Ocean Walk be?

The Ocean Walk happens on my island home in Indonesia, Gili Air. It is just off the northwest coast of Lombok and less than 40km (25 miles) from Bali across the Lombok Strait.

Gili Air, a mere 1.75km2, is a tropical island paradise. Surrounded by crystal blue waters filled with turtles, fish and coral reefs, the island is home to 1500 residents who live among coconut palms and banana trees, and small fields with grazing cows and chickens. I have been lucky enough to call this island home for nearly 7 years!

The sea dominates life here, with no point on the island more than a 15 minute walk from a white sand beach and the ocean (at its widest point it is 1.3km). 

On such a small island, who needs motorized vehicles? The only transport is by bicycle, horse cart, or your feet! 

The highest point on the island is a mere 16m above sea level, The Ocean Walk won’t have elevation changes. But while the altitude won’t be a challenge, just 8 degrees from the equator promises warm temperatures! Daily highs in June reach 31C (88)! 

Luckily there are amazing views to provide motivation to keep walking. The walk includes constant views of the ocean as well as two beautiful volcanoes: Mount Rinjani (the second highest in Indonesia) in Lombok and Mount Agung in Bali. And the sunsets and sunrises viewed from the beaches on Gili Air are unrivaled!

Sunrise, Mount Rinjani, Lombok
Sunset, Mount Agung, Bali